Funky Nails

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Hey guys… I know my lack of posting is becoming a bit… well poor =| I’m running a business as well as keeping up with my nails. I’m finding…

Swirly Clouds! With Moyou Suki 08

This is such a cute, feminine, but not over the top look. A lot of people say stamping plates don’t look good, but this is a prime example that THEY ARE WRONG 🙂… Continue reading

Flirty French

I did my nails with this flirty french design, and then I realized I should have done a tutorial for it… so I opted to use one of my practice nails for the… Continue reading

Jigsaw Nails

This was my first attempt at Jigsaw nails, and though it didn’t come out 100% flawless, I was thrilled with the simplicity of it and how it turned out over all.   What… Continue reading

Simple Glitter Gradient/French Mani Glitter Tips

I had a business meeting so I decided to opt for something a little more understated and classy. What you’ll need: Pure Acetone Cotton Ball Base Coat – CND Sticky Top Coat –… Continue reading

How to repair a breaking/splitting nail – Teabag Method

So you’ve just finished a beautiful manicure, you allowed it to dry fully, its perfect! You wake up the next day and realize that DUN DUN DUN your manicure is ruined by a… Continue reading

Snowy Day Nails!

So today, we had the pleasure of having a snow day and therefore I got to stay home all day with my husband. It was GREAT! Naturally, I took advantage of my newly… Continue reading

Water Marbling

My first attempt at water marbling. Will definitely do a tutorial for this next time I water marble. Let me know in the comments if you need one asap and I will do… Continue reading

Fan Brush Striping

Mani I did a while back with a Fan Brush. I will make a tutorial for it if you would like, please let me know in the comments. Thanks! 🙂

Thanksgiving Mani

  Thanksgiving Day mani I did this year. Brown base color, White leaf stamp, and Red & Yellow glitter. If you would like a tutorial I will do one, please let me know… Continue reading